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MIKE LEACH WILL PRACTICE IN A DRIVING FIRESTORM. Or anything at all short of a lightning storm because that's just how the pirate rolls. He's also installing the offense in four days with the use of DVDs as instructional tools. No one said they were football DVDs, but trust us, something in Crank 2 has something to do with "Mesh," and Leach can totally explain why. He's also in favor of a 64 team playoff, but you already knew that.

This is also Mike Leach, albeit his internet avatar.

THE FAVORITE WORD OF EVERY COACH EVER EXCEPT FOR NICK SABAN. Brent Pease, Florida offensive coordinator, is excited about Florida's offense because that is what all coaches in spring are: perpetually excited, seeing improvement, and bringing everyone along one play at a time. The only thing of interest in the way of new news is Andre Debose gimping his way through spring, but that's a tradition for the Percy Harvin position at Florida.

IF THIS HAPPENS WE WILL GET BRAIDS JUST LIKE HIS. Isaiah Crowell for Heisman would be surprising because Mike Bobo is programmed to pass three straight times and punt when his running back has just gained first downs on successive carries. Also, he is Isaiah Crowell, and we are Pulitzer Prize nominees.

THEY HATED IT! THEY REALLY, REALLY HATED IT! One Foot Down FJMs Matt Hayes Notre Dame column, which in all fairness to Matt is pretty easy because the column is not good. That's really the problem with it. It's bad. Other than that, it's perfectly fine.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Chris Leak was cut, and because the universe loves parallel storylines it happened on the day of Tebowmas in New York. Sure, mainstream media. Pay attention when he's down and Tebow's up, but don't write about that day Tebow has nothing happen to him while Leak gets a free pastry at Starbucks because the barista liked his eyes. He has his days, too.

NO HUDDLIN', NO PESKY THANKIN'. The best part of this excellent layout of the mechanics of a no-huddle offenseis the chart explaining hand signals. A lot of this is cribbed from Brophy (and credited rightly,) but let's just mention again that reading Brophy makes you smarter, and that he introduces Flexbone posts with the headline "HUGE BONERS."

ETC. Pam never, ever lies. This film is relevant to our interests. Chris Kluwe, American hero.