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So, here's our show.

Jason Kirk and ours truly are the hosts, the cat is a cast member, and the topic is allegedly college football. 24 minutes! My, that's a lot of college football nonsense. Yes it is, so feel free to skip around using the links below the video, or in the sections included after the jump.

There are four quarters. Generally, the first is a review of the stories from the week we like or want to mock. This week includes talk about "Nick Sayben" and a series of imagined conferences-as-TV-franchises.

The second quarter is TOPICAL, and focuses on a single thing. This week that topic is the NFL Draft, which we discuss just like actual NFL people discuss the draft: loudly, stupidly, and while wearing ties with enormous knots in them. Ours has a super ball wedged into the knot. That's production value at its finest.

The third quarter is our found object section. That found object section this week is a series of beautiful coaching photos culminating in a Hayden Fry Is The Sexiest Coach Ever Party.

The fourth quarter is an appreciation of NASCAR names and our ever-important questions.

The show should air on Thursdays or Friday during the offseason. Subscribe! It makes us look awesome, and pretty much just involves you pushing a button on the screen with absolutely no follow-up effort. There's plenty of other stuff on there, too, so please enjoy.

This will never make sense. You wouldn't want it to, anyway. It's a college football show. Making sense would be against the grain of everything this sport is. Also, that's neat that you noticed we're pale and jowly. IMAGINE THAT. You are perceptive, and get a cookie oops we are sorry we have already eaten it. It was delicious.

1st Quarter Embed:

2nd Quarter Embed:

3rd Quarter Embed:

4th Quarter Embed: