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We're not going to complain. We're not going to complain. This is the future, and we don't complain about the future because it's happening whether we like it or not, and that's what Vikings do. At least that's what they do in the 13thWarrior, and we're pretty sure that's a documentary. Yes, even the part about homicidal Neanderthal sorcerers. (ESPECIALLY that part.)

Anyway, this:

LSU’s permanent opponent has been Florida, and athletic director Joe Alleva said both schools are interested in ending that scheduling staple.

Sure, that's dumb, and ends the most fun either team has all year, but we promised not to complain, even if that means playing the only fanbase who truly understands our desperate way of life and humidity-induced alcoholism. Georgia fans are too concerned with what their pastor thinks. Tennessee fans are too busy quietly suffering. Kentucky's just Kentucky, Vanderbilt fans don't care, and the entire state of Alabama left the realm of reasonable interaction long, long ago. South Carolina, we don't even know what you are, but you gave us Stephen Garcia, so you can't be all bad.

You understand us, LSU, at least in the part that this is supposed to be fun, and with you it always is. (Yes, even when you kick our fucking teeth in.) We are not surprised Jeremy Foley wants to end it, because he hates scheduling interesting football games, but Joe Alleva? For shame, sir. We know we're not the best guests, but at least we spend irresponsible amounts of money and bring our own booze.

Let us hope this doesn't happen, but if it does? No regrets, LSU. Our annual Samedi Gras was a wonder to behold, and the hangovers more than worth it.