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You say "reconstruction and renovation," and we say that the world now knows what we've long suspected. Will Muschamp might walk into a room once through one door, but he ain't never leavin' through that same door again. Why? You ain't tellin' me what to do, door. That's why. Muschamp admires medieval Japanese homes for those paper walls. Easy replacin', affordable, and can sub as toilet paper in a pinch if you run low in the gruntin' corner one day.

We do love that retro logo. It is part of that 70s school of design that said "put big ideas into your images." See, UF is a world to itself, which is why it's round like a globe. It's also the key to unlocking your dreams, which explains the key shape to the toothy "F," and the bottle opener to the sweet booze of life, which is why the U turned sideways looks like a pocket beer liberator. The alligator represents our wild, untamed side, while the state shows the modern superstructures imposed on the state of nature.

Most importantly, the state of Florida in the logo also looks like a giant, flaccid penis hanging down from the alligator's crotch. There are no accidents in life, and we believe this since if there is a more fitting metaphor for the state of the Florida program than that of a reptile with erectile difficulties, we have not encountered it.