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Illustrations by Run Home Jack. Concept by Orson and RHJ.

Dear investor:

Please let it be known that investors are now welcome to most courteously apply to fund exciting venture from EDSBS STARTUP INCUBATOR, subsidiary of EDSBS INDUSTRIES AND CULTURAL MACHINATION CONCERN.

Please inspect NICKTENDO FOOTBALL SYSTEM. This name is not a reference to Alabama football coach NICK SABAN. This would be copyright violation and we respect copyright laws of all nation.

Proposed game system design. Is new! All new!


Enjoy with custom game concept for college football fan 2012 for many teams personality and type. All cleared with copyright for respect. All exciting and original content ideas! Collect all and perhaps call self king of game universe and receive special t-shirt from EDSBS GAMES.*

*Tell us you buy all. We send shirt. Might be old shirt. Find out!


JUMP BARREL MAN gets exciting new twist with DONKEY STRONG. College football coach of great strength and collar buttons face giant gorilla. Requires coordination and bravery to face Big East as set constantly falls apart. What gorilla is on next level? Donkey Strong never knows. Changes each minute and spans great country of USA!


Treasure hunt? Yes. Yes Treasure Hunt! Take new adventure with PRINCEFALL. Move to find over obstacles the secret PRINCEFALL TREASURE. What is PRINCEFALL TREASURE? Find out! Estimated game play of two years will seem longer than one expects! Do you have heart for danger? PRINCEFALL waits!


DABOBOY covers sad paperboy. Hire other to throw paper for you while you run bike into speeding STEVE SPURRIER on every level. Game of management and bike riding.


For fight game take achievement of NINJA GOLDEN. Special twist for all fight game fighters! NINJA GOLDEN fight with one arm, then one leg, then one leg and no arms. BUT NOT ALL. NINJA GOLDEN also fight unfair fight while he runs airport rental car business for father at night. Math and cripple fight in blend for magic game experience!


Long fame as HARDEST NICKTENDO GAME EVER. Todd Toad must fight to freedom. Todd Toad must also find family and save along way. BUT FAMILY IS EVERY THE WHERE! Impossible? Maybe by design but challenge is too great. Jump from one lily pad to other to find out but don't stop! Why? WHO KNOWS?


Eight or die is game of Tom O'Brien where checkers play to eight moves. Then shut off and not work. Do not play ever. Game is terrible.

ORGERONTRA is game with secret! Press left right left right ab ab ab then grab dick and punch live possum for INFINITE RECRUIT. Get all recruit. Keep bonus game going with red bull can and jerky beef POWERUP. Game end and start over to get NEW INFINITE RECRUIT. Lane and Ed best team ever GO USA!


MUSCHAMPAGE is game of dream realized. Do you in fantasy wonder what like to eat building? Smash thing? Take prize coordinator, make head coach, see what happen? Live out now with no ill effect! Unlike Florida football program! MUSCHAMPAGE feature naked digital lady in shower so beware SEXY! Eat her before children see!


EXCITEMIKE now available after silly court case and embargo. Is best game ever. Go fast score points have fun. In exciting Craig James level end by running down fake slow cowboy with real bike. Unlock double DANA 'N MIKE mode for double speed sexy!

Write check to EDSBS USA PO BOX THAT ONE OVER THERE WITH HAND STICKING OUT OF IT NO THAT ONE. Money come back triple with NickTendo invest. Promise! Maybe! No phone calls.