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Danny O'Brien and all other transfers from Maryland's latest lifeboat are free to go, even if that going means a trip to visit former Maryland assistant and current Vandy head coach James Franklin in Nashville. This is Randy Edsall doing the right thing, but potentially for the wrong reasons as it allows Maryland to pursue a tampering charge, so this may be all self-serving even in doing the correct thing. This is the Randy Edsall Era at Maryland, and just watch them win eight games this year just to be all Randy Edsallish about our dire predictions of imminent doom at Maryland.

WE MAY HAVE BLOWN THAT OUT OF PROPORTION. Just a bit, since others have very different accounts of the details of Nevin Shapiro's involvement in the Miami football program.

A VERY LONG DISCUSSION OF A VERY WIDE OFFENSE. There's going to be a lot of healing in Iowa, mostly from the self-inflicted wound of hiring Greg Davis, who Black Heart Gold Pants points out is squarely in the Ken O'Keefe school of milquetoast offense Ferentz wants.

DON'T CALL IT A PLAYOFF. Because it is, and that's bad rabble rabble rabble.

WELL THAT DOES EXPLAIN SOME THINGS. If you noticed E.J. Manuel not bending at the waist in the final three quarters of the Champs Sports Bowl, it's for a very good reason: he had a broken fibula, and played most of the game with it. According to TN, this is why they kept Manuel in the shotgun for most of the game.

THE BIG TEN STAYS BURLY. Do give them the credit of playing people out of the conference, unlike some Frankensteinish ADs loath to invite anyone with a pulse to play in the Swamp. The August 31st start this season features a Michigan State/Boise game, and therefore all of the trick plays that will be called in any game this season in the span of four quarters.

YOU KNOW PERHAPS THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK. Dillon Baxter, the VHT running back who went to SDSU after his USC tenure went FUBAR and he had to leave ASAP, DNP in practice this week as SDSU coach Rocky Long said his status was TBD after his GPA went AWOL, but that SOP for transfers meant he was SOL for carries anyway. NBD.

ETC: Miami DB JoJo Nicolas is an intriguing young man. [after the jump]