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Dan McCarney goes harder than a Russian.
Dan McCarney goes harder than a Russian.

Dan McCarney is a remarkable individual. He won football games at Iowa State, one of college football's most quixotic and rare vocations. He coached defensive line well at Florida despite taking a position coaching job after being fired from Iowa State. He once moved to Denton, Texas voluntarily, a feat few others have elected to do with all their faculties intact.

He also, you know, just survived a stroke he had while eating a sandwich after his Sunday morning workout, and is shaking it off like a minor cold or something. Currently the head coach at North Texas, McCarney felt his whole left side of his body go numb, and then thought what you should think and think quickly in a stroke situation: "I should get to the hospital."

McCarney is expected to make a full recovery with the help of his doctors and his own self-prescribed therapy.

"Nothing wrong with me that a little Grey Goose won’t cure."

DAN MCCARNEY IS SO HOOD. Best of luck to Coach Awesome in his recovery, and Gray Gooses all around.