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A Navy game started the season, and a Navy game will end it.

Rob Carr

What a long, strange season it's been. The coach everyone at SEC Media Days implied should be terrified of what faced him took a freshman quarterback into Tuscaloosa and dealt Alabama its only loss. Ohio State had its best year in a decade and we're all strangely fine with them not participating in the postseason. Bob Davie coached. UCLA went to the conference championship ahead of USC without having that prize handed to them. Notre Dame-Stanford ended up going down to a close call that possibly put one team in the title game and kept the other out. Mike Leach was mortal. Duke won more games than Tennessee. Iowa saved us from a MAC uprising. And somehow we still have Leaders and Legends.

Ending the year with Army-Navy is, however, always a good reminder that all of this - the wins, the losses, the trophies, the coaching changes, the controversies, the pride - is not of the utmost importance. We do this because it's fun, and because it's a distraction, and because it's easy to debate and disagree on and still get along.

I suspect you all already know this, and there are any number of more talented writers you could read if you want a serious treatment of these subjects. (Fearless Leader, naturally, comes to mind.) So instead, I will close this last open thread of the season by thanking all of you for reading, and commenting, and posting pictures that are entirely too large. College football would be just as absurd without you all, but it'd be a hell of a lot less fun.