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Possibly the latest it's ever been. Guess you really can't spell responsibility with "gin!"


WE CAN TALK ABOUT BUTCH JONES. Or, we can talk about the better, spicier opportunities Tennessee had and passed up. Go right ahead and doubt the Chickencheddarmayo spread offense. It's going to work, and it's going to give you some really weird sweats.

THE RIVALRY WILL CONTINUE. Pitt and Penn State agree to two more years of storied, vaguely Big Ten-like games. It's good to see this matchup won't fade away, as it is the only way to determine The Best Team In Pennsylvania That Is Too Scared To Play Temple.

REASONED DIALOGUE AND SOBER DISCUSSION. Both totally, totally overrated, just like NOTRE DAME.

MIKE VRABEL IS NOT A DOCTOR. But he'll still write you a prescription for HARDCORE, BRO. TAKE TWO A DAY UNTIL YOUR HEART STOPS. (Mike Vrabel is actually a sentient pile of No Fear shirts.)

YOU WILL WATCH ARMY-NAVY TOMORROW. And, before that, you will read Bill C.'s breakdown, because you can only make jokes about the hit movie Navy SEALs for so long before people realize you don't know anything about either of these teams and have a weird obsession with Michael Biehn.

ETC. MORE LIKE JIM HAIR-BAUGH AM I RIGHT. It's not the Pitbull you're thinking of, but you shouldn't leave a baby with him, either. Great, one more way for a Georgia mascot to meet his untimely death.