Bill Lynch Invitational Update- Southern Miss Embraces Dali-esque Absurdity, Defends the Honor of Igneous Rocks (We Hope)

Walt Disney's & Salvador Dali - Destino 2003 (HD 1080p) (via JOnas3MokaQ)

Life is a constant struggle. We strive, we yearn for that thing which makes us complete. Is it love? Is it wealth? It is self-actualization? Is it a bowl game? Like Chronos above, we chase through quicksand, we shout through walls, we strain against that which ties us down, we ride bicycles with baguettes on our heads. We hope we will catch our quarry.

And, failing that, you can always get into a fight with some dudes. Southern Miss QB Anthony Alford got into a fracas on the Southern Miss campus near the Walker Science Building, which leads me to hope that the cause of the fight was a rigorous geological debate gone awry.

Fightin' In da (Geology) Club nets you 2 points in the BLI, Mr. Alford.


Don't worry, Missouri, we see you. Put your hand down. Mizzou freshman safety Ke'Ra Stewart was arrested Monday for possession of under 35 grams of marijuana. Good for 2 points.

Your BLI Standings:

Miami- 4

Iowa- 2

Southern Miss- 2

Missouri- 2

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