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Are you ready to be bludgeoned with choppy film from the 1950s and sepia photographs? BEAR. ROCKNE. BEAR. LEAHY. BEAR. ARA. MORE BEAR TRIPLE THE BEAR. When men were men, and boys were also men, and some women were men, and even mailboxes were men. A simpler time, when you won championships because the other team got scurvy and really the important thing was that we kicked the shit out of the Kaiser. Football was different then. For one thing, there was no spread offense, which is probably what has knocked America off her once-high pedestal.

Seriously, the next month is going to be like Easter dinner at your Grandpa's house, only the doors are all locked and you're being force-fed amphetamines to stay awake. Get excited, people. STIRRING VIOLIN MUSIC AWAITS!

This is your evening open thread, where we can watch the ACC and B1G Championships and think about how terrible day-to-day life was like in yesteryear. They didn't even have In 'N Out, yo.