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Where Chizik is Life, and Life is Chizik.

Rich Schultz

ORSON (ATLANTA): Pitt/UConn (YOLO!), UL-Laf/UF, Arizona State/USC, Georgia/Auburn because HHAHAHAHAHHAHA, Kansas State/TCU, and Oregon/Cal because we watched Salo and it was THE FUNNIEST MOVIE WE'VE EVER SEEN. Editor's Note - M. Swindle made these plans before one of the Internet's most erotic intersections came about:

LUKE (DC = DEWAR'S COMA): Partying too hard means paying the price, so Luke's going to take it easy this week and watch Purdue/Iowa, Minnesota/Illinois, Notre Dame/BC, and no late game I meant it mister. Lots of fluids and bland offenses and you're going to feel fine by Monday.

RUN HOME JACK (HARLEM WORLD): Hoping to press "last channel" fast enough that I turn Louisville/Syracuse and Wisconsin/Indiana into Wiscuse/Louisiana, Oregon State/Stanford, A&M/Alabama, Kansas State/TCU, Oregon/Cal.



Tomorrow is Warren G's 42nd birthday and, in accordance with international law, he is allowed to regulate any stealing of his property without interference from law enforcement. Attempt to take his rings or his Rolex and you will be dealt with most severely by the Ever-Living Spirit of Nathaniel Dogg. Better that you stay out of his way, choosing from one or more college football games rather than face the sixteen in the clip and one in the hole.