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Matthew Stockman

THE BEST REPRESENTATION OF THE COLORADO BUFFALOES THIS YEAR. When they do it right, NMA does it fuckin' right.

We didn't really take any rumors of Kiffin losing his job for 7-5 this year seriously, mostly because Bill Plaschke said it, and betting against Plaschke on anything is a pretty sound wager. Yet somehow, after seeing a CGI Lane Kiffin throwing a fit on the sidelines in Chinese, it all seems so much more plausible now.

RIP. Tennessee State football player William Wayne Jones III died after collapsing at practice yesterday. Thoughts, prayers, etc to him and his family and teammates.

EXIT LIGHT/ENTER HAVING TO BEAT UVA JUST TO GET TO A LOWLY BOWL GAME. Florida State's aggressive was better than Virginia Tech's aggressive, but it also helps that Virginia Tech's aggressive involved taking horrendous pursuit angles at a critical point late in the game. Good news for Virginia Tech: Michael Cole, taken off the field in an ambulance, was released from the hospital this morning, and has no fractures in his spine.

Also, no one was injured in this play, and the illegal forward pass call was totally right, even if Ron Cherry did an abominable job explaining it. Ron is an artist, and he never explains or apologizes. Sadly, George George III did not figure prominently in VT's gameplan, and this is probably why they lost.

SAD QUACKING. Chip Kelly's departure for the NFL is "inevitable," something we cannot possibly understand but sure, hurry-up option coach, that makes TOTAL SENSE.

ADIOS, PASTOR. One of the nicest people in football, Bill Curry, will retire this year after his final season at Georgia State. If you want to read a wrenching bit on why Curry won't be doing anything else in his retirement, see the quote where his son asks him if he's going to miss his grandchildren's childhood, too. :(

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. If you have to celebrate a win over Kentucky, make sure it's one that left grown men in tears on both sides from sheer shock. Happy tenth, Bluegrass Miracle. Guy Morriss is currently cringing in his offices at Texas A&M (Commerce).

THE GANG'S BACK TOGETHER. Blue-Gray Sky back! (For a night! One night only!)

A TERRIFYING TOLL. Oregon's knockout times are...horrifying. Simply horrifying.

MGOBLOG WILL MAKE YOU FAMOUS. Lloyd Brady be up in ESPN, yo.

ETC: Just fucking unacceptable. We so feel you, Rod.