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You are not worthy, but you are welcome.

Mark A. Cunningham

Traditional - yet cutting-edge. Powerful - yet sleek and smooth. A link to the past - yet something about Castlevania and the future, maybe, I don't know.



(also stanford and ucla or maybe cal nobody really knows)

You said you wanted a playoff, and now you have it: two ranked teams, facing off for a possible BCS spot that, ok, really only one of them can probably get but whatever HEY LOOK THESE BOWL GAMES ARE SHINY AREN'T THEY?

(what kind of conference championship doesn't even include the best team yes i'm talking about arizona)

But for a Huskies loss to a Big Ten team and a Kent State defeat to an SEC one - both of whom are going unnamed because they are probably awesome - this would be be a national semifinal. Maybe it should be anyways! Get out a pen and paper, because we're starting a letter campaign.

(nooooooobody cares about the rose bowl)

Seven eastern, ESPN2. They put it there to let you know it's going to be TWICE as awesome as anything else on TV. Join us. Bear witness. MACTION UNLIMITED.

(you probably don't even get fox)