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So emotional in the Big East this morning, particularly when it means Louisville goes to a BCS bowl. That's Shawn Watson and Teddy Bridgewater having a moment in the tunnel following Bridgewater's one-legged, one-armed performance against Rutgers in a Big East title-capping victory last night in Piscataway. It really was remarkable to watch, even if the entire comeback--Louisville was down 14-3 at the half--was sparked by Rutgers punting from the Louisville 31 after a penalty-foiled fake field goal. That is what happens when you punt from the 31: life punishes you, and turns a crippled Teddy Bridgewater into doom on one leg. (Via)

BIGFOOT IS NOT REAL. But that chicken, Tennessee fans? It needs fucking, and you're the ones to do it.

THE OBVIOUS QUESTION. Is Nick Saban going to be fired immediately after winning what will be only his second SEC title at Alabama? It's hard to say, but Doug seems to think it's a done deal. So unsure of whether he's the right man for the job, Paul.

BOWLS ARE FOR SALADS AND LOSERS. Ohio State seems to be fine with not going to a bowl, or at least still has the savory aftertaste of the Gator Bowl lingering on their palates a year later. That flavor is burnt coffee and ammonia, Ohio State fans. Not even Four Loko will burn it off your tongue.

SPEAKING OF: We talked to some people last weekend at tailgates in Columbus, including a woman who misappropriates emergency vehicles for recreational purposes.

ETC: Heavy artillery and NASCAR drivers in suburban neighborhoods? Sounds delightful. XKCD is trying to make us cry this morning. David Whitley is on THUGPATROL.