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Al Messerschmidt

SHOUTOUTS TO BOBBY PRUETT. We did an interview with the geniuses behind My Brother My Brother And Me, who said that the most underutilized name for a team is "Gun." Couldn't agree more.

Bobby Pruett, damn you and your loose zones.

MORA DAMN EAGLE. Charlie Strong interviewed for the Auburn job, and then he didn't, and this all made Charlie Strong very, very angry. And if you look at the photo with this post, you will see that you really won't like Charlie Strong when he's angry, because he's basically the black Hulk with brains and a high-collared shirt on at all times.

The focus at Auburn is reportedly on Petrino, but the dark horse name in the search remains Jim Mora, a favorite of some boosters and someone with everything Auburn is reportedly looking for: NFL experience, an actual college head coaching tenure now, and the ability to develop NFL talent. The latter has been one of the more substantial criticisms of Gene Chizik's tenure: both Nick Fairley and Cam Newton were JUCO transfers, and after four years the only prospects from this year's team are Phillip Lutzenkirchen and Corey Lemonier (if he decides to go into the draft.)

In a state with Nick Saban's Loutish Academy For Hang Clean Enthusiasts just cranking out whole classes of NFL draft picks, it is a legitimate concern for anyone wanting to eke out a living recruiting football players. Whether Mora's interested or not is unknown. ACTUAL NEWSY CONTENT OVER.

NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING. Having just helped along the rumormongering, let's just go ahead and remind you that no one knows anything, and that Arkansas Expats has a very handy guide reminding you of all that and more.

INTRIGUE AND HOT SEX IN CINCINNATI. The last part is totally inaccurate, since no one in Cincinnati has ever had sex, much less hot sex. They do have a football team and intrigue, though, since Godfrey went there to do an expansion piece and ended up getting utterly lost in the fog of realignment.

MARK RICHT IS SELF-AWARE. And totally knows about the Mark Richt Has Lost Control meme.

IMAGINE. You're telling us that students don't get excited about playing Western Carolina? Why, I nevah. It is a brutal indicator of how bad Auburn has been this year that the only school to draw fewer Alabama students into the stands for a game was Western Carolina, and that Ole Miss was apparently a bigger deal than Bama's most-hated rival.

SHALLOW CROSS, SIRS. Brophy has Noel Mazzone (and his stellar lip-topper) explaining the marvels of Shallow Cross.

ETC: Hank Langdon never killed a man what didn't deserve it. The Geoducks' song doesn't seem to really be about Geoducks, does it? Japaaaaaaaaaan.