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"Feelings are for the weak, and victorious is a feeling."

Scott Cunningham

"Win or lose, we all die the same way: utterly alone."

"What is a rivalry game anyways? These are just words we apply arbitrarily. Who's to say Middle Tennessee isn't our real rival?"

"Touchdowns never fed a man or taught a child how to read. Horses can do both, however."

"A few bounces here, a call there, and we only lose by 28. So much in life is out of our hands."

"This is still just a job to me. It doesn't determine if I sleep well at night or not. That's reserved for my real passion, throwing firewood at neighborhood children."

"I ain't got time to lead."

"We're still going to the ACC Championship. Wait, really? I was just fucking around with that one."

This is your second open thread, where we will not concede that ORANGE BOWL CHAMPIONS GEORGIA TECH is a mathematical possibility because what has math ever done for us? Nothing. Not one single thing.