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NFL experience. An intimate knowledge of the SEC. And the truest of Volunteers.

Jim Bob Cooter. He brings everything you want in a head coach to the table. Experience at the college level? JBC worked as a grad assistant under Fulmer himself. Recruiting abilities? Find me a high school kid who won't be impressed with Coach Cooter's connections to TWO NFL teams. Intelligent? We're talking multiple Academic All-SEC honors.

Most importantly, a coach has to recognize his limitations. He won't throw a winning pass or make a key block or block a game-ending field goal. His influence can only be felt from the sidelines. And that's what Jim Bob Cooter is all about: sideline dominance. Bring him home, Knoxville. The man is a freaking FOOTBALL QUALITY CONTROL expert!

This is your first open thread, where you are free to offer other coaching suggestions for Tennessee, even though they're destined to be inferior to this one.