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DAN LIKES MAKING YOU MONEY. What does being a budding online media entity means? It means we not only embrace gambling FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY, but also have someone telling you explicitly which way to go against the spread, a mathematical concept drawn up solely for fun imaginary wagers with your friends and online peers.

YOU EVIL BASTARD. If Charlie Weis buys you something, but then that something could hurt your soul so badly in the viewing of it that you may never recover, then isn't that an act of cruelty?

UVA LOOKED GOOD, BB! They played football horribly, though, and have one of the worst quarterback rotations we have ever seen. But hey, gummy foot barefoot wine hang ten helmets for the Tarheels!

OHIO STATE WAS FAT AND THEIR FOOD WAS AWFUL. Not to confirm everything you think happened under the Jim Tressel regime in terms of diet and workout, but the Pete Thamel article on the Buckeyes training table confirms everything you thought was happening under the Jim Tressel regime in terms of diet and workout.

SHELDON RICHARDSON'S COLLEGE CAREER JUST GOT SHORTENED BY 25%. Suspended for the Syracuse game due to academics, Richardson will not be enjoying the tropical conditions inside the Carrier Dome this weekend.

ACTUAL REPORTING. From yesterday and worth a replay, Godfrey's piece on Ole Miss.

EHHH WHADDYAGONNADO. A puffy piece on Florida DC Dan Quinn is worth it for the picture alone of Dan Quinn, apparently caught screaming "aaaaahhhhh life!" with a slide whistle sound effect playing in the background.

SHSU-SHSU-SUDDIO. Even in a week when, like most everyone else in the SEC, they Aggies are playing cannon fodder for an opponent, the Tailgate remains required reading. Why? Because you learn things like Sam Houston State having a player named "Bookie Sneed," who is actually really good, and inshallah will end up in the NFL making thousands of dollars a day simply for being named "Bookie Sneed."

ETC: Liam Neeson can stare as long as you need him to, punk. Reader dennymayo is headed to run a 50 miler this weekend, and good luck with that horrible shit we'll never, ever do. Living without the ability to feel pain seems really, really overrated.