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IT'S WEDNESDAY WE SHOULD REALLY MOVE ON FROM THIS WEEKEND. Or not, since Yony Futbol is still floating around our cabeza completing passes off his back foot against the Crimson Tide defense, and Alabama is still sifting through the wreckage of their commentary threads so entertainingly.

The new episode of Shutdown Fullback is up, and it's mostly us talking about what massive assholes Jim Mora and Lane Kiffin are, perfectly timed discussion for two fanbases clearly in the zone for this week's game. The Coozie Challenge for this week: invent the best nickname for the Chip Kelly offense and receive America's most influential personal beer carrier. (It really doesn't have a branded, commonly used name, and so badly needs one.)

MARCUS DAVIS THINKS YOU HAVE TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS. He sounds casual about becoming internet famous for not blocking his own shadow during the Virginia Tech game, and Frank Beamer does not. This may just be why Davis will not be starting against Boston College.

ON SHARRIF FLOYD. Hutchins on the situation is all you really need to read about the very odd situation of a 20 year old monster defensive tackle getting adopted. If it feels like something from Charles Dickens would have concocted as a 21st century southern writer, well it sort of is.

LE NUMERICAL. Bill C. really is getting angry with Colorado for being so bad it hurts this year.

TO HELL WITH YOU, REVERS-A-PAL. Not one ounce of Gruden in the damn thing in football or hound form.

WOODY HAYES TAKES THE FIELD. If history could be retrointernetted, this would have been the most viewed football GIF of all time.

ETC: The French Foreign Legion sounds fun. Chinese cabbies will get you from point A to point B, often while driving over pedestrians A, B, and C along the way. Shocking, just absolutely shocking, that Jerramy Stevens would be involved in anything with the police. Windows 95 has some disturbing advice. BRING ME ALL YOUR ADORABLE ORPHANED WALRUSES.