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You finally have our attention, college basketball.

Jonathan Daniel

"Let's play a basketball game on the deck of an aircraft carrier" is the kind of disjointed, hypertestosteronic idea you'd expect from a group of middle school boys, which is why it's so awesome that actual adults decided it should happen. Of course, the deck of an aircraft carrier is exposed to, um, the outside air, so both of those games got canceled, one halfway through, and one before it could even tip off.

The lesson here is not "don't play basketball on a boat." The lesson is KEEP REACHING FOR THOSE STARS! We won't know if a game location doesn't work until we try, so let's promptly schedule games for:

- The Amazon Rainforest. It's not and-one if you get attacked by a capybara during the shot, but it should be.

- National Hockey League rinks. It's not like they're using them.


- Inside an active Sam's Club. Actually, no, you'll fuck up the free sample tables. Not here.

- In the middle of a baseball game, since nothing is happening anyway AM I RIGHT.

Share your ideas as well! Or don't! The Open Thread has no rules! (Except "don't murder." That one still applies.)