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Auburn loses prized recruit after poor showing against the Razorbacks

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

"I just felt like this wasn't going to be the place for me to develop as an elite quarterback," said Blythe Carterson, a three star quarterback Auburn had been hoping to build an offense around beginning next year. "The coaching staff was really awesome, and I think Auburn's a great school, but it wasn't the right fit."


Carterson, seen here leading his team to a state playoff victory.

"We wish Blythe all the success in the world," said Coach Gene Chizik after the loss. "Auburn's going to be a top program and I have total confidence in our other quarterbacks. Of course, we'll continue to search Craigslist and garage sales for a leaf blower we think can add to our depth."

Chizik was later seen putting a Wing Zone magnetic decal on his car. This is your second open thread, brought to you by John L. Smith and the Hot Pissants.