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Streeter Lecka

A LEISURELY NIGHT IN THE FOREST. Well, Clemson made an unlively game of it early, but at least you got to see Tajh Boyd throwing deep well into the second half because Chad Morris likes to watch things burn. Wake Forest sits at 4-4, but if they break bad down the stretch this will mark Jim Grobe's third straight losing season. Even at Wake Forest, that sort of might matter, particularly when Jim Grobe pulls down crazy money for a coach of his stature at a small school.

THE RISE AND FALL OF THE HONEY BADGER. If you want the history of how this all came to be, Jason has it summarized neatly at the Mothership, concluding in his misdemeanor arrest for marijuana possession last night in Baton Rouge. Of course Jordan Jefferson is involved in this. Of course he is.

EVERYONE AT MARYLAND IS INJURED FOREVER. This is true and just happened, and we would still double down on them finishing with a winning record because NOTHING RANDY EDSALL FOOTBALL DOES MAKES SENSE>

BILL SNYDER LIKES HIS POPCORN CLEAN AND UNTAINTED BY MODERNITY. Your microwaves weaken the constitution, and Bill Snyder avoids them at all costs. He's still going at age 73, and you'd be best to follow his advice on popcorn and beyond. (Via reddit/r/cfb)

DAMN IRON BOWL WHY YOU SO DELICIOUS? The themed moon pie rises in the sky, letting us know the time of the Iron Bowl is nigh.

WHY PHONE IN A BOMB THREAT TO THE TEXAS A&M CAMPUS? Because she did not want a woman to get a job interview at the university. Hater 99th level, acheived.

DELIGHTFUL. If Florida high schools are in a race to the bottom, uniform-wise, then the sound and sight of them hitting the bottom will be delightful.

ETC. We only really want you to watch one thing today, and it is ten minutes of a bad Skate 3 physics. Just endless Duff'd It! in all directions. The Thing can get downright sexy when he wants to. China, you are so entertainingly corrupt.