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There's a little Internet inside all of us! (Exception: Bill Snyder, who won't even touch a calculator.)

Ryan Pierse

ORSON (BANESVILLE, FLORIDA): Fearless Leader is in Alachua County to watch New Dad fight Old Dad. No matter who wins, Mom promised we get to go to Denny's! Let's all hope he puts on an Art Garfunkel wig with some boardshorts and tries to convince the GameDay crew he's Ryan Lochte. We have no clue what he'll be watching, other than "not Wake Forest-Virginia."

LUKE (DC THE BRAIN SUPREME): Purdue - Ohio State, Michigan State - Michigan, Kansas State - West Virginia, Penn State - Iowa, all the while working helping Vox Media start more fight clubs.

RHJ (XAVIER'S SCHOOL FOR GIFTED BLOGGERS): LSU - Texas A&M, Stanford - Cal, South Carolina - Florida, Michigan - Michigan State, Alabama - Tennessee, Kansas State - WVU, Florida State - Miami, Washington - Arizona.


Don't worry about getting fired, Karl. Gene Chizik is going to have soooooo much time to hang out and watch games with you soon. SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! (You may feel like you drank a thousand beers last night, but Pat Dye actually did.)