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Seriously, we don't even need you. ONCE, TWICE, THREE TIMES A ROLL TIDE.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images


Steven, he was a friend of mine
And he could talk some shit
His heart in every line
Miles said most confusing things
He exploded our minds
And I still can hear him say
"Passing is the very key
To bargain whales"
Wear your hat, or vis-or
Forevermore (evermore)

Gonna be some fourth downs
Coming round on the nightshift
One coach is makin' frowns
One's snackin' on the ground
Gonna be a long night
It's gonna be all right
On the nightshift
Clowney just might be shown
Eatin' a QB's bones
On the nightshift

(This is your evening open thread, and I am an idiot. Who loves the Commodores.)