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Streeter Lecka - Getty Images

LET US NEVER FORGET THAT 2012 WAS THE YEAR OF THE BUTTCHUG. The appearance of the attorney and the production values really piece it all together.

If one thing about the past ten years of Tennessee football can tell you, it's that Tennessee fans take losses hard enough to drive them to the brink of madness and unsound practices, and that they also have horrendous taste in wine. We fondly remember the time we kiestered a 2009 Mitolo GAM Shiraz after the Bowl victory, and still savor the notes of "bottle in our ass" and "oh god what the hell are we doing." But a night out with Jack Del Rio in Jacksonville has to end one way or another, and that was "another."

GOOD LORD, JONNA CHIZIK. God is really uncomfortable about being brought into Auburn's current football situation, lady.

GOOD LORD, LADY FICKELL. We're sort of on the side of the Fickells/pizza barons here, but a bit more on this in a minute.

AND THUS ENDS THE DUMBEST NCAA CASE UNTIL THE NEXT ONE. Boise will accept the number of scholarship reductions at nine in the case of Boise's NCAA violations of housing rules. If Butch Davis is reading this now, he will not be in a moment because dying of laughter ends your life.

JUST DABO'IN IT UP. Dabo and Spurrier are becoming a nice pairing. Enjoy in fall when their flavors are ripe and ready for consumption.

WE'RE WAITING FOR YOU TO STOP GIVING US FREE YARDAGE. The Florida run game relies a lot on creating an unaccounted gap in the defense, and then runs gap-creating Power to that side, and then repeating said thing until you adjust and force them to do something else. This is what happens when you don't listen to Jared Lorenzen discussion your human resources decisions.

THE NONSTOP PIPELINE OF GENIUS IS ON. New 8-Bits up over at Shutdown Fullback's pipeline, including Herbie the Husker taking B12 shots until his head explodes. Speaking of, if you didn't watch 9.79 the other night, one should probably do just to watch Ben Johnson get super-ripped, win everything, and definitely prove that steroids are something you should never, ever do, especially once you get that fat Diadora contract.

ETC. They turned out alright.