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Without comment, we present a series of tweets from noted True College Football Crime personality Nancy Clayce.

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

(Any resemblance to @NancyGraceHLN is purely coinci-you know what, no I won't lie to you like that.)


@NancyClayceFBJ: Honey Badger living it up while teammates forced to visit Central Florida! Call in to discuss #NoBluntryForOldMen

@NancyClayceFBJ: Allowing 63 points to a superior team, or distracted and sleepy from marathon BBW amateur porn spank sessions? #PornHuskers?

@NancyClayceFBJ: He wasn't killing drives - was it because he was kidnapping and murdering kids? #AlGrohSmothersBabiesNotPassRoutes

@NancyClayceFBJ: Island children forced to work at maddening paces. When will cops shut down the sweatshop in Eugene? #BuyDuckHeadClothes

@NancyClayceFBJ: A Tennessee head coach claims he broke his hip but won't say how. Was he stocking the body farm a little too proactively in Knoxville? #TrickHipsSinkVolNavyShips

@NancyClayceFBJ: Unsupervised children wander the streets starving and miserable - where are the parents? #GoHawkeyes

@NancyClayceFBJ: An undefeated team that nobody is talking about - so what aren't they telling us? #LarryCokerIsARobotSnakeMan

@NancyClayceFBJ: Jeff Casteel, if your defense allows 38 to Oregon State, you fell on your anus, not your buttocks! #ManOfRodOrMurderer?

@NancyClayceFBJ: Tonight - why did the DEA abandon one of its own in California by pulling his protection? #NarcleyForHeisman

@NancyClayceFBJ: A whole team dead. He says he didn't know the grain was poisoned. But why try to shut the press down? Your thoughts on #RiceDoesntKillWeisDoes

@NancyClayceFBJ: Just think of that poor child lost in the forest without hope or water while her father shuffles around in his shacket and denies everything. Pray for lost Auburn O'ffense. #SlouchingTigerHiddenShacket

@NancyClayceFBJ: What is this shadowy religion that draws dozens, if not hundreds, every Saturday? Will they harm USA? #WelcomeToSunLifeStadium

@NancyClayceFBJ: A Nick Saban tattoo on a 400 pound woman's hindquarters gets an indecent exposure charge? Is this who we are now? #OutNickdHerCoverage

@NancyClayceFBJ: Whoa. Did Vince Young pay for $5K Cheesecake Factory steak dinners with pictures of giant celebrity penises? #MeatPeepBeefThief?