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THE FLOOD ARRIVES AT RUTGERS. Alert Master Chief: The Flood is at Piscataway, and must be stopped there before spreading to the rest of the Big East and beyond. Flood was hired near seconds after Mario Cristobal's deal to become the Scarlet Knights coach fell through, but this is less hastily accomplished second option, and more comfortable contingency plan to roll with a respected assistant who's already knows how to work the three different remotes

WELL TROLLED, GIANT QUARTERBACK. Jeremy Liggins committed to LSU last night in the middle of Oxford Square, and then doubled the fun by saying this.

"I'm used to winning," said Liggins.

Ahhhh, well, that is a valid point. Giant Quarterback 1, Ole Miss Football 0.

SAVE OUR PIZZA BOWLS. Help the Insight Bowl, along with all of our other bowls that qualify for Protected Pizza Bowl Status.

IT'S COOL STEVE SPURRIER I JUST GET BLOWJOBS ON THE REG AND MAKE DOLLARS WHILE STARING AT THE PACIFIC AND THINKING NON-DEEP THOUGHTS. The bust of all Florida busts, Bobby Sabelhaus, is doing pretty well despite his inability to throw a perfect spiral.

KIRK FERENTZ IS IN VERY GOOD SHAPE. Kirk Ferentz begins the accidental Body Sculpting Sponsored By Flex Magazine Section of the Index by appearing shirtless for a polar bear swim and looking like a dude 15 years younger than he is. What does Iowa pay 17 million quiet dollars a year for? Personal fitness and the Outback Bowl every other year, evidently. Lookin' good, BB!

BON JOVI PREACHER CURL WEDNESDAY. Florida's new strength and conditioning regimen seems very heavy on the Oly lifts, and that new and you know it from the relatively light weights they're working with in this footage. (There's one dude muscle-snatching over 135, and with football players that number's got to be way, way higher.) The move to a more Oly-style lifting regimen is a bit more LSU and Tommy Moffitt-ish, though Virginia Tech's been using them for years, too. Jeff is also a fan of Preacher Curl Wednesday, and as much as you might prattle on about functional strength, if there's not a function for sweet huge guns, then we're not living in the America we know and love, pal. (BIG GUNS SAVED US FROM THE GRENADAN THREAT. THEY WILL SAVE US AGAIN.)

IF HE DOESN'T WORK OUT. We can always go to Anna Watson for S 'n C advice. We don't care if you find her freakish. Anyone who can squat twice her bodyweight, deadlift just a bit less than that, and bench her bodyweight has our undying respect.