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Large portions of Tuscaloosa, Alabama still look like that photo above: devastated by this thing that blew through town last April 27th, with wreckage cleared but large swaths still struggling to rebuild. (It's a dark event, but please allow us some levity at the guy in that video saying "Okay, we'll take shelter, but i gotta see what it does to them trees." We'd be thinking the same thing.) Drive through on even a casual visit, and the damage is still very much apparent.

We do like to do our part at EDSBS in the way of charitable giving, and while this is not the OFFICIAL EDSBS CHARITY DRIVE FOR 2012, it is a suggestion that you help out our friends at Roll Bama Roll and Egan's in their efforts to build a Habitat for Humanity house in the ongoing rebuild of Tuscaloosa. This is nice, but nicer still is the ability to help out by simply doing things you like to do anyway: give money to people in bars, and listen to music.

Egan's in Tuscaloosa--the finest dive you'll ever take your mother to, and possibly leave her at--is hosting Well That's Cool's benefit concert, TUSCALOOSA GET UP. This is not without its own intrinsic value, but getting to see the up-and-coming Alabama Shakes two feet away from your nose in a small venue is also nice, as is getting to see the Dexateens and Lee Bains III and The Glory Fires while having drinks with some of the friendliest bloggers around. Even nicer still: donating in case you can't make it, which many of you cannot, and rocking away in solidarity somewhere with a houndstooth hat on in honor of a fine city with finer people.*

We hope to see you there both for a worthy cause, and to wear our custom Nick Saban Cowboys jersey to remind Alabama fans of the inevitable.

*Remember: The Dixie Teabagger and Harvey Updyke were both from Alabama's Waziristan, Lee County, not Tuscaloosa.

CORRECTION: The show is at the Bama Theater, not Egan's. GEOGRAPHY IS HARD.