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The first arrest of the season is a special moment for those of us in Gator Nation. It's a sign that all is right in the world: that dudes from Florida still like to smoke marijuana with the casualness of someone enjoying cup of coffee, that UPD still doesn't have enough to do when not handcuffing random students to signposts for jaywalking, and that the offseason and its restorative healing has begun.

It's morning in America, in other words.

While marijuana's medicinal uses are a topic of debate, its legality in the state of Florida is not. It is against the law, and that is why if you go to Florida everyone seems to have no less than a quart-sized bag of it in their house at all times. The law in Florida is a weird thing like that, but if you lived in a place where random strangers go around shooting laundromat coin machines, we swear this would make like, LOTS of sense.

So this is why you demand a warrant, y'all.

The arrest report describes a scene on the night of Jan. 10 in which UPD officer Bradley Roberts searched Orr’s dorm room in building eight of Keys Complex about a half hour before midnight. During the search, which Orr consented to, Roberts found a "baggy of a green leafy substance, a glass pipe and rolling papers" on Orr’s desk and bedside table.

GET YOUR CON LAW RIGHT, SON. Learning the hard way will cost Orr a possession < 20 grams charge along with a paraphernalia charge, so two misdemeanors plus the EDSBS Florida honesty bonus means that with three points in the Fulmer Cup, Florida takes the early lead in the offseason's least illustrious NCAA competition. This marks the ninth arrest of the Muschamp era, and the 394th Florida player arrested in the last three years.