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IN THE CUT AND IN THE FULMER CUP LEAD. Wiz, Leon Orr feels you so hard right now. (Not SFW audio, but it's Wiz Khalifa talking about fucking your bitch and keeping one rolled up, so duhhhhhh.)

We'll award points in a separate post, but yes, Leon Orr of the Florida Gators did consent to a search of his dorm, and did get caught in possession of weed and paraphernalia. Standard penalties will apply, but seriously, Leon: MAKE THEM GET A WARRANT.

AND THE LOUISIANA CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM HAS THIS, GUYS LOLOLOLOL NO REALLY. The Dixie Dipper: in custody, in trouble, and most importantly, no longer putting his hands all over the sporting goods at Hibbert's in Phenix City.

A DESERVED DAP IN RECOGNITION OF A DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN OF A CERTAIN AGE. Mike Gundy wins the Bear Bryant Award for coaching, and no, that is not ironic in the least considering the OK State title game debate.

HERB HAND IS QUALITY LISTENING. The Solid Verbal has Vandy's OL coach on to review the 2011 season, and unlike a lot of coaches, he sounds like he's having an active conversation rather than dodging questions.

THE CONTINUING IGNORANCE ABOUT FLORIDA FANS IS SO EVIDENT HERE. We have now concluded that even in otherwise funny, knowledgeable flow charts about SEC fandom, the large majority of SEC fans have no idea precisely what a Florida fan is. You should have just asked: it's 30% North Florida cracker-neck, 20% Miami asshole, 20% lumpy Tampa whatever, 15% out-of-state "I wanted to go to some place warm," and 15% recent immigrant. See, isn't that simple? (Not at all, but it's accurate.)

YOU TRAITOROUS BASTARDS. A school that does not exist cannot in theory cannot commit treason, but if they did exist, and hired A CANADIAN? Why do you hate America, theoretically extant school?