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If you were not turned to stone by THE MOST INTENSE OREGON SIDELINE PERSON EVER, then you are fortunate enough to watch two of the finest quarterbacks in the country stuttering their way through the inaugural bars of college football's most turgid and corrupt of arias, the Fiesta Bowl. It's been horrendous for Oklahoma State thus far, and PAWWLLL I KNOW YOU'RE WATCHING SOMETHING ELSE BUT I WANNA COMMENT AND TWEET ABOUT MY FOOTBALL TEAM IN RELATION TO EVERYTHING. I GOT THIS SCAB WHICH IS CLEARLY THE SAM SHADE OF SCABS. HERE'S A PICTURE OF IT SENT TO YOUR INBOX ROLL TIDE. Oh, the next week is going to be intolerable, isn't it? And all that booze in our fridge is good as gone, isn't it?

This is your nightowl thread. Mike Gundy is a man, he's 40, and he's down by two TDs right now.