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IT'S TIME. The early shift of January 2nd--it's the new January 1st!--begins with your bowl game bingo custom-made for the day by Luke, and with our podcast preview of the TicketCity, Outback, Cap One, and the horrid mess that is the Gator. (And seriously, there's enough stuff here to choke a donkey, so save that poor donkey and digest some of it yourself.) During the Gator Bowl, you will hear someone screaming for the immediate death of everyone on the Gator coaching staff, and then a loud popping noise. That will be us, and the sound of every blood vessel in our bodies snapping at once in what could be loosely called "The Tunguska of strokes."

We hate you, 2011 bowl season. We hate you so much.

Listen here, or in the embedded player.