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Welcome back, Boyd. We all know how you feel.


One of the few upsides of the offseason is the return of EDSBS Lifestyle Aspirational Node Justified , a slow-burning slice of Kentucky coal-country awesome-porn working in so many of the things this community holds dear.

  • Bourbon
  • Tiny, fierce men with mysterious backgrounds (Boyd, Saban)
  • Guns
  • More guns
  • Snipers
  • Attractive, sometimes violent women
  • Crotchety, all-wise old dudes (Art, Schnelly)
  • Male eye-candy to sell the ladies on an otherwise all-dudes show centered on two guys who are kind of violently gay for each other.
  • Appalachia
  • Corruption
  • That dude from Herman's Head
  • Organized crime.
  • Grim fate
  • Grim wisecracking
  • Tasers applied to the balls
  • Good writing
  • 'Shine

With that, consider this one of the few shows on television that deserves its own open thread for the evening (10:00 p.m. Eastern, FX) . People will talk about the show, so those of you who yell "SPOILER" are going to just tell the world how hard you failed reading comprehension, because SPOILERS BE HEREIN. Feel free to argue all you like about #TeamAva and #TeamWinona, because we'll be over here getting into perfectly happy platonic marriage with Tim, the awesome sniper who does nothing but drink quietly, hint at a gory family and war history, and probably is a long-suffering Kentucky football fan. (We guess this because he really seems to enjoy killing people, and Wildcat football will do that to a man.)

Enjoy yourselves, and as always, comment responsibly.

PS. It's also the offseason, and there ain't shit else to do.