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So, guys, let's check that college football schedule for the weekend---


You. Bastards. It's here. You may have to resort to unusual tactics to survive the cold: performing household chores, "exercise," "reading things that don't have an IM alert blinking in the corner." It may get worse before it gets better, and then it'll really get bad, but remember the positives. You can reacquaint yourself with the outside world, for one. Believe it or not, that is not as bad as one might imagine, especially if those people owe you money you gave them months ago or they just give you cake for like, no reason. Those people are the best.

We'll have something in this space for the offseason--remember, Digital Viking was retired with Holly's departure--but in the meantime we wish you strength while we spend the weekend reading The Great Big Book Of Horrible Things. The part about the John Mackovic Era at Arizona is positively gripping.