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We're working on a massive recruiting piece for tomorrow, but don't let this day go by without noting the departure of Clemson defensive coordinator Kevin Steele. There is a famous saying that coaches "hate the Air Raid because coaches hate an offense that is very good at getting other coaches fired," but this is unfair. Revise it to this: "bad defensive coaches or coaches where it's simply not working out hate the Air Raid, because if you are on a bad streak, that streak will hit is inexorable and sudden low point in the form of a seventy point, job-killing hemorrhage to a better Air Raid team."

Visual evidence of this follows.


Steele was definitely not quite right at Clemson, for whatever reason, and it showed down the stretch as the Tigers dragged into the barn with a ninth place finish in total defense in the ACC. The Tigers' defense allowed more than 28 points eight times in 14 games, including 45 points to Maryland. That's THE Gary Crowton, relieved of his duties after this season for being awfully Gary Crowtonish about how he did things at Maryland.

This is disturbing enough on its own, but include this from Shakin' the Southland, and the divorce is probably best for all concerned.

We have heard several disturbing things about Steele's possible psychological breakdown during the Orange Bowl game. Multiple sources have said that he was calling plays from his days with the Panthers, which aren't in the Clemson playbook, and as such the players were totally confused. It reportedly happened during the Auburn game as well. I do not know if that is true, and frankly think it a bit farfetched, but I do know that Steele has a reputation for being a nervous wreck on gamedays.

Most of the time we hear about something this insane we can laugh, but if this was really the case, then you almost have to feel sorry for him. Um, we mean HAHAHA POINT AND LAUGH AT THE COACH. Yes, that is exactly what we mean.