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With the blessings of our legendary heroine, EDSBSGPS rises from the ashes like a phoenix. Your guide to all things traveling, viewing, and drankin' agendas for the weekend:

ORSON (Atlanta)

CONSUMINGMissouri-Arizona State, Iowa-Iowa State, Mississippi State-Auburn, Alabama-Penn State, South Carolina-Georgia, BYU-Texas, Notre Dame-Michigan, UAB-Florida.

LUKE (Arlington, VA)

INGESTING: Central Michigan-Kentucky (w/ internet gadabout/CMU alumnus Jerkwheatery), Toledo-Ohio State, Alabama-Penn State, Cincinnati-Tennessee, Virginia Tech-East Carolina (CON CAPITALIZACIÓN, PAWWWWWWL), New Mexico-Arkansas, Utah-USC, Notre Dame-Michigan.

RUN HOME JACK (Brooklyn)

NASALLY INHALING (It's how they do in BK): Florida Atlantic-Michigan State, Rutgers-North Carolina, Cincinnati-Tennessee, Alabama-Penn State, South Carolina-Georgia, Utah-USC, Notre Dame-Michigan, UAB-Florida.


Dan Beebe is in the desert, shooting pure mescaline into each eye ball, walking around with a lady of the night at sunrise, and finally understanding the meaning of it all.

And you, fine sirs and madaams? This is your romper room for Dennis Erickson's spiritual journey, Gary Pinkel exploring how serious that midnight tape return cut off really is, and whatever else come what may. The purple ninjas over yonder have your TV listings (coverage maps included to those who dig too).