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The other school besides Baylor claiming that they have not waived the rights to sue the SEC, Mike Slive, Paul Finebaum, and if you are sitting below the Mason-Dixon line, you in impending litigation regarding the implosion of the Big 12? Mighty Iowa State, who also has not relinquished the right to sue the SEC and heaven knows who else over this.

Watch the rest of the Left Behind schools fall into some kind of class-action lawsuit front over the next 24 hours.Marvel at the litigation! GET COMPLETELY SICK OF NO ONE HAVING THEIR SHIT TOGETHER ON THIS. Drink that. What, you ask? WHATEVER IT IS. These schools are small, and someone will buy them off, and now we'll have a de facto Champions League with about 64 teams or so that matter and that can afford to play football. Until then, have a cocktail or eight, and don't read Twitter. It'll kill you dead before midnight, and have you saying things like "But but but Texas doesn't BELONG in La Liga!" Just don't.

You know who needs to praise based god right now? Washington State, that's who, a small program living as a remora on the side of the Pac-12's great whale who can ride into the next era of college football securely fastened to its side. Ditto for Vanderbilt, Northwestern, or any other marginal football program that managed to secure a spot on the superconference deck. Baylor, K-State, and Iowa State drew poorly. Their whale is currently beached. That typically doesn't work out very well, though the cleanup from the mess can be laborious and gory.

(A&M leaving is the dynamite. Duh.)

We do legitimately have sympathy for these programs. We are being told Iowa State used Nickelback in their pregame video, and then left like three minutes of footage blank because "The reason that this turns to black is this is where we film the team coming through the Jacobson Building and out to the field."  REEEEEEMIX: We have deep sympathy for Baylor and Kansas State. ISU, having invoked Nickelback for inspiration, gets no pity from us. (Or from BHGP. JEEEEEEEESUS.)