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We're working away at the Alphabetical right now, and it should be up before noon. In the meantime, LSUFreek had a good weekend. The weather was relatively mild in Louisiana. He enjoyed a few tasty sandwiches. Oh, and LSU demolished Oregon, a metaphor not ignored when it came to GIF'in time.


Why yes, those are child laborers running out of the building. We feel the note of clarification is necessary because when viewing LaMichael James next to LSU's defenders it would be easy to assume he was a lost child who mistakenly put on a uniform, made his way to the field, and was then annihilated for four hours without a complaint. Given some of Nike's past labor practices, the Oregon football program using child labor would not surprise us, but please remember that LSU should probably be found guilty of child abuse for what they did in the second half against Oregon anyway. Chip Kelly got you a gift, Les Miles, and it was a "Darron Thomas throwing the ball 52 times."