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We brought ponies, because we are the Pony Boys of SMU. Who wants a pony? You do? That's so great. Here he is. No, we're giving him to you. Ponies are very special animals that's why you can get one for free for ten dollars down at the stockyard. That man with the trailer was just handing them out! They're cheaper than popcorn shrimp, and just as tasty when you flash-fry them.  

Ponies are hard to take care of, because they eat a lot of meat and junkmail. You'll need to give your pony plenty just to keep it barely alive, and that's probably the best you will do, so don't worry when it looks skinny and faint. Everyone knows this, and surely won't call animal control on you. If they do, it is because they're jealous of your new pony! In most states it's legal to knock the windows of their car out for this insult. This is the law. Don't bother looking it up.

This is your open thread for SMU/TAMU, which like all games in Texas are played under rules that state that crazy things have to happen in every game, or HOOWEEE IT AIN'T TEXAS. Enjoy, and comment responsibly.