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Your guide to where your humble editorial staff will eat, drink, and pay tribute to college football icon Nick Saban.


WATCHING: NW/Illinois, TAMU/Ark, Miss. State/UGA, Kentucky/LSU (4DALULZ), Nevada/Boise State (see: LULZ), Michgian State/Ohio State, Clemson/VT, Bama/Florida, Nebraska/Wisconsin, and Miss/Fresno (TRIPLE LULZ JUDGES AWARD 8.0).

LUKE (Arlington, VA)

WATCHING: Arkansas/A&M, Nevada/BSU, Michigan State/Ohio State (PRAY FOR MOJO), Texas/Iowa St, Alabama/Florida, Nebraska/Wisconsin, UCLA/Stanford (I have a problem).

RUN HOME JACK (Brooklyn)

WATCHING: UK/LSU in its entirety (he can't tell you; you wouldn't understand), Auburn/SC, MSU/Ohio State, Clemson/VT, Bama/UF, Nebraska/Wisconsin.  He also can't promise to watch UCLA/Stanford or Oregon State/ASU because both of those just seem cruel, man.


The people of Florida are about to be touched by a walking, living, breathing saint.

Gentlemen and noble ladies, your ether binge into Utah State/BYU lies here. Care to enlighten us as to your sweet road trip plans, your awesome beverage(s) of choice, and which games you won't be able to unsee? Lay it on us. Tomorrow's TV schedule is here. I don't know Butchie instead.