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BULLETIN! We will have Bruce Feldman on tonight with us for EDSBS Live at the top of the show. HOLGOMANIA will be a topic of conversation, since he did spend the whole week with WVU leading up to the LSU game.

We spent most of the day working on a travel-discombobulated Alphabetical, but in the meantime we have to confess a complete lack of tactics for Alabama week. Look at the options, and behold how limited they truly are:

  • Play it straight. A failure against Alabama fans in that you acknowledge that they are good, and thus allow them to continue to take personal credit for their state's deformed (yet admirable) overinvestment in football over the past century. A losing hand both ways.
  • The reverse jinx. Cliched, and generally ineffective.
  • Distaste. The obvious take, since Alabama plays a brand of football that is as fun to watch as a lethal injection, but unfun because again, it admits the inevitability of a loss to them.
  • The Reverse Auburn treatment. Where we persistently confuse Auburn for Alabama. Too easy.
  • Mention Alabama's cars and suits benefits package. Too Clay Travis-y.
  • Wish them luck. Too sportsmanlike
  • Denigrate the state itself. Too easy, and done been done, son.

For the moment we've decided on "Calling Nick Saban short" with an accent of reverse jinx. It just feels right, especially with an impending short-order asswhipping in our own stadium bearing down on us. (See what we did there?)

In the meantime, join us to discuss better strategies and much, much more on EDSBS Live at 8:30 p.m. Special guests likely! Chaos, certain.

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