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So we worked this out both ways just in case,and to be honest the Muschamp one is a bit funnier thanks to Muschamp's complete lack of expression as it's happening. But it's not Coach Boom who got reverse Samaritan'd on Saturday, is it? No, no, comforting box score: no it is not.

LSUFreek is a national treasure, is deserving of a MacArthur Grant, and should have his own TED talk about the important restructuring that needs to be done in the American education system. You say, "Perhaps that would be better left to those who have worked in education?" You clearly have failed to notice a.) that people who have "educator" license plates are the second worst drivers next to those with handicapped tags, and b.) that brain candy like Freek's is so much more important to the American economy than teaching our children math. What did counting ever get you, Tennessee? Only the ability to count seven losses in a row, or as it's referred to in many counties in Tennessee, "like five but gay." (Illegal to say in classrooms, by the way.)