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We're not talking about expansion in the Index.

GOT TO LET THESE LAWYAS KNOW.  Michigan's not back, but there is something to be said for a fanbase learning what joy is again.

The reaction is the best, because it's a bunch of young Michigan fans all saying, "It's okay to love again, isn't it? ISN'T IT OH MY GOD." (Yes, Michigan. It is okay to love again. Via MGoBlog.)

RANKINGS OMG SO IMPORTANT IN WEEK THREE. Oklahoma at one after their road trip victory in Tallahassee and the return of triumphant Stoopsface, and the world feels as it should in week three. Not that Oklahoma didn't earn it to an extent, but the element of guesswork is still so prevalent here. Someone out there is a batch of subprime football D-plus ranked securities bundled up as an A plus, and we still don't have any idea who that might be. The team with the most helium in its ass: Texas, sitting at 19 and bound to bounce upward with some serious buoyancy based on name and a general faith in their not-suckedness emerging. (They beat UCLA. That's an accomplishment for them, and we're not being sarcastic in the least given their issues with the Bruins before.) P.S. Malcolm Brown ran over your mother and she liked it.

NOVEMBER 20, 2004. Examine the top 25, and it looks significantly devoid of Woody Hayes factor, and for a reason: Ohio State is unranked for the first time since that date. Ohio State had 35 yards of passing on Saturday night against Miami, and no, contrary to program defaults that is NOT a good thing.

IN NEWS THAT DOES NOT SUCK. The "All Chris Rainey Everythang" offense was, for one game at least, wildly productive.

IN NEWS THAT SUCKS. Justin Hunter's ACL is now officially the must-have retro item of the year for Tennessee football hipsters. :( The minute you land like that and grab the front of the knee, the minute trainers start booking rehab sessions for you.

MMMM FREE BRUCE. Now that you can read him without Insider fencing, you should check out Bruce Feldman's roundup, which includes the comforting note that Florida suuuucks in the redzone, and that Illinois is 3-0, and that this is all feeling very wrong all of a sudden because seriously, Illinois is 3-0.

IT'S MONDAY, RIGHT? Yes, that means we're sweating pure caffeine and fear trying to finish the alphabetical, so bear with us as usual.