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BRR BRRR BRRR BRRR BRRR BRRR [assault charge] aahhh fiddlesticks
BRR BRRR BRRR BRRR BRRR BRRR [assault charge] aahhh fiddlesticks

Boise State has been given three years' probation, suffered some scholarship reductions, and has had its practice time limited, a non-punishment for Boise since they're so clever and industrious that they'll probably figure out a way to just be even more productive with less time to work. Bro! I lowered my rep weight from 12 to 5 per set, and I got even stronger and spend less time in the gym! Now I go to Mandarin class and have more mind-blowing sex with my harem of eager women in the time I saved! Everyone hates your beautiful face, Boise State.

[/climbs fat ass onto elliptical machine] 

[/will never have Boise State's abs]

So with the Tim Ferriss of programs given a reason to be even more disgustingly efficient, we move now to doing what we do best: waste time. Despite being cranked on cold medicine and sleep deprivation, we will attempt an episode of EDSBS LIVE tonight at 8:30 Eastern time. Join co-host Peter Bean and I for a review of the season to this point, a look ahead, and us sniffling into the microphone and making very little sense. It'll be fun, if only in the way that a remote controlled helicopter hitting a tree and exploding is.

Listen here, and chat here. See you tonight. Our cocktail will be NyQuil.

(Oh, Gucci's back in jail BRRRRRRR it's icy cold in jail.)