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If you want things done in life, make a wristband. For instance, a number of people at Ohio State thought making Luke Fickell very uncomfortable was a good cause, so they made these wristbands. WHAT COULD THEY MEAN?


So cryptic! They could mean anything. Maybe there's a tiny "2" up in the upper right hand corner, indicating a desire by all Ohio State fans to see Jonathan Taylor Thomas return to showbusiness and reclaim--no, wait, that would look like this.


Clearly they have to mean "Justin Timberlake," a protest of his departure from music. The world has been so much poorer for the lack of a new FutureSex/Lovesounds for the new decade, and it's time someone took action to ensure we continue to bring sexy back in every way imaginable. (Like with piles of Affliction shirts? Done, and done! So proactive.) We're glad it was you, Ohio State. Leaders and legends, indeed.