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Oh, Taiwanese animation. You had me at "animated Miami football scandal," and then turned the dial to "smitten" when you had Nevin Shapiro pointing to a sign that reads "tackling" while two Miami players settle in with their escorts for the night.

This is your open thread for the weekend a few notes before we go.

  • There will be something here other than the Digital Viking or a preview. Our least permanent cast member has always been the Friday post, so something new will inevitably pop up in this space for the season, only to be killed off like the minor character it is sometime down the road.
  • Jordan Jefferson may or may not have gotten into a barfight. The ambiguity likely centers on whether a man swinging wildly at nothing in a corner following a verbal altercation, hitting nothing, qualifies as "a barfight," even after you randomly tag a Golden Tee machine and break your hand. We're not saying Jordan Jefferson tagged a Golden Tee machine and broke his hand. That would entail being able to hit something. 
  • The AP poll comes out tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. The outrage over this in-large-part arbitrary crapheap of fantastical preseason expectations and old estimates of past teams' credit carried forward will follow exactly three microseconds afterward.
  • If you purchase the Zabransky one, it comes with a free pair of white jeans and Oakleys. To the Boise fans who get this, we love you and await your presence in the ATL for the UGA game, and remind you not to park in the unlit portions of the underpass parking lots at the Georgia Dome. There are crab people who live there and feast on their diet of Sterno and blue clothing.
  • Well, see, that is some horseshit
  • Dr. Dantonio's methods are...unsound at times
  • Truffle Shuffle's masterpiece: appreciate it. Demand posters of it.

Other than that, please enjoy your next to last worthless weekend.