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Hey, you! You're looking as fresh as the new snap of fall in the air this morning. Is that a new shirt? No? Well, that new gym routine must be working, Mary SWOLEstonecraft SWELLy, because you look ready to hug the stripes off a tiger, Tiger! ROWR! Did you see this? No? Well, you should probably read that, because it's about the Miami football program. Is it entertaining? OH BOY IS IT.

We're working on a few different things this AM, but we promise two things. First, a CI before 11:00 a.m. Second, LSUFreek is cranking away somewhere in his backwoods bayou lair. This is the first of his works on the matter of Miami football. Next level shit: he has it.

More later. In the meantime, just keep watching Donna Shalala hold that check, and marvel at a story that can knock Cliff Harris on tape saying "We smoked all the weed" to a highway patrolman off our front page.