Brian Kelly "Get That Chocolate Milk" Video Analysis

Much has been made of the promotion video made by Notre Dame of football coach Brian Kelly motivating a female athlete to not give up on her post workout beverage choice.  Reaction has been mostly positive, but I ask you, how closely have you really watched this video?  After looking at the following breakdown, I think you'll find that it is nothing if not a revealing look inside the mind of a mad man.

The video opens with a Notre Dame student selecting a beverage from a Coca Cola vending machine.  She chooses A2.


But after making her selection she looks not at the top row but the bottom row.


And when her chosen beverage does not come from the bottom row, she meekly hits the machine and looks confused.  We're clearly dealing with a developmentally challenged young woman.



Then along comes Brian Kelly doing his best Lesbian Powerwalk impression.  Seeing an opportunity to entertain himself at the expense of the less fortunate, he begins to berate the young lady.



Now that he's successfully enticed her to violence, he begins making crude gestures behind her back while screaming "THAT'S WHAT I LIKE."


But that's not enough for him.  The fact that she is so easily manipulated clearly excites him.


His taunts have now driven this poor woman to commit vandalism.


Suddenly, she realizes that her chocolate milk is available in the receptacle.  Brian Kelly would like you to believe that she got that chocolate milk because he convinced her to try harder and not give up.  But you'll notice that this is a belt fed vending machine and her kicking and hitting could not have possibly made the machine give her the milk.


Brian Kelly is very proud of himself.  He's successfully convinced a handicapped young woman to damage school property.  Worse yet, he has convinced her that her vandalism resulted in chocolate milk. A chocolate milk, mind you, that could very well have been available to her the entire time, had she been watching the right row of the machine.  You've just witnessed Coach Kelly indulge his sadism AND create a career criminal.


"We're in this together?"  Count me out Mr. Kelly, count me out.


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