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This is from renowned football coach and arithmetician Houston Nutt's apperance on First Take this morning. You are now pregnant with Houston Nutt's mindbaby whether you like it or not, and you should probably name it Greyshirt since Houston Nutt is like, the Screamin' Jay Hawkins of mindbabies, and he's definitely oversigned on the mindbaby child support front.

This happened somewhere in a segment with Dan Mullen where the two competed in a trivia contest, including a question where Houston Nutt correctly identified the first two transplants performed at Ole Miss as "lungs and heart." While correct, this was nowhere near as funny as Nutt blurting out something like "ass and head," or "Jeremiah Masoli to Ole Miss," an operation that really worked out poorly for both donor and recipient, in retrospect. Dan Mullen also beat Houston Nutt in a putting contest, but make no mistake: both of them are to the art of the short game what Gene Chizik and Urban Meyer are to contemporary men's fashion. Butchers doing brain surgery, all of them.

(HT: Brandon Marcello)